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The Goldberg Difference cannot be found in any other basketball camp in the area. Coach Goldberg strives to develop strong relationships with each camper & their family to assist them in reaching their basketball goals through his teachings of hard work, accountability and daily improvement.

The Goldberg Difference provides opportunities for campers to develop their game & improve each day at camp and beyond through:

Daily Fundamentals: Led by Coach Goldberg twice a day. During these Daily Fundamental sessions, players are shown how these skills can be used in games & taught how to work on the skill when they are on their own. 

Morning Ball Handling: Led by Coach Mellady each and every morning of camp. Players will learn different dribbling drills that will help them improve their ball control, hand quickness, and court vision. All of the drills are included in the workout plan so that players can continue to use them into their own daily training.


Individual Report Cards & Workout Plan: At Seth Goldberg’s Basketball Camp, each player will get an Individual Report Card with a Workout Plan at the end of the week. This report card will give campers feedback and advice on all areas of the camper's game. Campers will know where they stand and get personal comments from their coach identifying the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Included with the report card, each player will receive a written copy of a workout plan that includes all of the skills and drills demonstrated and worked on throughout the week. The workout plan puts these drills in a sequence that allows each player to build an efficient and effective self-improvement plan to improve throughout the year before coming back to camp to see their improvement!

"Overtime" Instruction Period: For those campers who want additional instruction on the skills and drills, we have an "Overtime" Period where players can sign up for individual/small group instruction before camp starts or during the late pick-up period Monday through Thursday. Our Team have years of experience working players out on an independent basis. If interested & want more information on our "Overtime" Period, Contact Coach Goldberg.

Seth Goldberg & his experienced team of coaches provide

focused instruction, individual attention & a fun, high-energy environment to give each camper an opportunity to learn,

develop & improve their game!

Seth Goldberg's Basketball Camp

is the place where good players come

to get better!

“You are going to improve this week; no doubt about it. But in order to improve significantly, you are going to have to put in more time than 1 week. And we are going to show you exactly what it takes to get it done."
-Seth Goldberg
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